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Season 8: Episode 1

8x01 Within

An FBI taskforce is organized to hunt for Fox Mulderbut Dana Scully suspects the taskforce leader, Special Agent John Doggett, and instead chooses to search for her lost partner with Walter Skinner.


This episode marks the first change in the opening credits, and the introduction of Robert Patrick as Agent John Doggett. Gibson Praise also returns. Kersh is made Deputy Director of the FBI.

Although phone records are shown which indicate a March 11th date for the episode, that's impossible based on internal evidence, which indicate this takes place about two days after the events of 7x22: "Requiem." The phone dates would indicate 8 months have passed since then, which, given Scully's pregnancy, clearly cannot be. Perhaps the internal computer clock was off (possible due to unresolved Y2K issues), and the FBI are aware of it (which is why Skinner doesn't point it out to the interrogators).


According to Doggett's findings, car rental receipts on Mulder's Visa reveal he traveled to the same place four consecutive weekends in May. This would indicate he was abducted between the 29th and 31st, as per Doggett who in 8x11: "The Gift" says Mulder was abducted in May.

June 1-2, 2000


Season 8: Episode 2

8x02 Without

At a remote school in the Arizona desert, Doggett, Scully, Gibson and Skinner–as well as a host of students and agents–do not know who to trust as the bounty hunter works among them; and–in a spaceship close by–Mulder is experimented on.

Gibson Praise is put into protective custody. Agent Doggett is assigned to be Scully's partner on the X-Files.

June 2-5, 2000


Season 8: Episode 3

8x04 Patience

Having been assigned to the X-Files, John Doggett joins Scully to investigate a series of gruesome murders that appear to be the work of a bat-like creature. This being their first case together, Scully and Doggett find that their investigative techniques are less than similar.

This is the first episode in which David Duchovny's name does not appear in the opening credits.  At least a few weeks of recovery time is required based on the extent of Scully's injuries.  Episode begins on a Monday.

June 12-17, 2000

Action takes place over the course of the first two days and last day.


Season 8: Episode 4

8x05 Roadrunners

Working alone, Scully pursues a cult that worship a slug-like organism; but in her efforts to save an injured stranger, she discovers she's in over her head.

No internal dates provided. Episode begins on a monday.

July 10-18, 2000

Action takes place over the course of first two days and last day.


Season 8: Episode 7

8x07 Via Negativa

Doggett and Skinner work to avert the murderous spree of a religious cult leader, while Scully takes time off to deal with the early stages of her pregnancy.

Dogget meets the Lone Gunmen for the 1st time

No internal dating

Late July


Season 8: Episode 13

8x08 Per Manum

Scully becomes personally involved when she encounters several women who had no way of naturally conceiving but who claim to have been abducted and impregnated with alien babies.

Scully's baby is fourteen weeks old. Given that she announced her pregnancy to Skinner at the very end of May, it seems likely that she conceived in mid-May, which would give a mid September date for this episode.

Mid September


Season 8: Episode 5

8x06 Invocation

Having been kidnapped for ten years, a little boy mysteriously reappears but has not aged one bit. While the case stirs up painful memories for Doggett, suspicion stirs that the boy is not all he seems.

First mention of Luke Doggett.


Dating is based on the ten year mark of the abduction of Billy Underwood.  There is no internal evidence that it's the exact anniversary date of his abduction, so given that Doggett needs recovery time, this date makes sense.



Season 8: Episode 10

8x11 The Gift

Doggett comes upon an old case about a professed ‘soul-eater’ that Mulder kept secret from Scully, which he hopes will ultimately prove the truth behind Mulder's abduction.

No internal dates provided. It is said to be roughly a "year" since Mulder visited Squamash, but given the events of Episode 8x14: This is Not Happening, it's more like under half a year. Doggett confirms that Mulder was abducted in May. He went to Squamash, PA on May 6-7, and returned there on the 24th.  Doggett also reveals that Mulder falsified case reports, which explains how the dates might be off at the end of Season 7.

Late September 2000


Season 8: Episode 14

8x14 This is Not Happening

Doggett calls on another agent, Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), to assist in the Mulder case, but Scully's fears about finding him come to a head with the sudden recovery of abductees seized at the same time.


Mulder is found dead.

Jeremiah Smith returns.

1st appearance of Monica Reyes

The disappearance of Mulder is said to have happened "months" ago "last spring."

Early October 2000


Season 8: Episode 15

8x15 Deadalive

(Prologue Only)

Mulder is buried.

Prologue begins immediately after Episode 8x14: This is Not Happening. The rest of the episode is three months later. 

Prologue: Early October 2000



Season 8: Episode 10

8x12 Badlaa

When a mystic smuggles himself out of India, Scully and Doggett give chase as his murderous spree starts terrorizing two families in suburban Washington, D.C. But Scully soon comes upon a crisis of faith when she realizes how dissimilar her techniques are from Mulder's, even as she tries to be the believer.

Passport indicates this can be no earlier than 11/16/00.

Mid November 2000


Season 8: Episode 9

8x10 Salvage

Doggett and Scully encounter a dead man who is still living – only somewhat changed. What they discover is a man made of metal, enacting vengeance on those he believes created him.

Newspaper reveals "president-elect" Bush, indicating a date no earlier than mid-November.

Mid November 2000


Season 8: Episode 8

8x09 Surekill

The fatal shooting of a realtor while alone in a cinderblock jail cell has Doggett hoping motive will yield more than method, but they soon learn that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

January dates appear on billing receipts, and the accountant states they're from last month. This would make it February, the same month Scully is giving birth, yet is impossible as she's not showing, which indicates that either the billing dates are erroneous, a "1" is missing, or that the receipts run several months from January of the prior year, which we don't see on screen.

Late November/Early December 2000


Season 8: Episode 6

8x03 Redrum

After his wife is murdered, a lawyer friend of Doggett's tries to clear his name of the crime but the days regress backwards.

Dates provided on screen

Dec 8-4, 2000

(Days go backwards)


Season 8: Episode 12

8x13 Medusa

A string of bizarre deaths in the tunnels of the Boston subway system sees Doggett join a team of professionals underground to investigate. Meanwhile, Scully has to defy the train authorities above land, who are determined to get the trains up and running within hours.

Doggett notes that it's the middle of winter.

Mid-December 2000


Season 8: Episode 15

8x15 Deadalive

Three months after Mulder's funeral, a former abductee awakens from the dead and Scully pins her hopes on resurrecting her partner. Meanwhile, Alex Krycek  offers Skinner a loathsome deal which he claims can save Mulder's life.


Mulder returns

Prologue begins immediately after Episode 8x14: This is Not Happening. The rest of the episode is three months later.  Scully is going on maternity leave in six weeks, placing this episode in late December, as Scully's nine months is up in mid-February.  Kersh says he's been in the office just over six months.  He came into it around June 1st.

Late December 2000


Season 8: Episode 16

8x18 Three Words

Mulder secretly conducts his own investigation after a man is gunned down on the White House lawn attempting to inform the President of a planned alien invasion. However, he is soon in over his head as he tries to expose further evidence of colonization. First appearance of Knowle Rohrer (Adam Baldwin)

Mulder still in hospital. He says that Scully will be going into labor in "a couple months," which is specifically in mid-February, placing this episode in January. Frohike says Mulder's been dead for "six months," which would imply that he died in July, yet he says this in the context of a joke, and it seems likely the "six months dead" is also meant in jest.

Early January 2001


Season 8: Episode 17

8x17 Empedocles

Reyes enlists Mulder's help investigating a killer's connection to the unsolved murder of Doggett's son Luke, but Mulder soon finds himself clashing with Doggett.


Mulder meets Monica Reyes.

No internal dates provided

Scully goes to hospital for a partial abruption.

According to his file, Luke Doggett was born in 1990 and abducted at the age of seven, on 8/12/97. Mulder is still employed by the FBI.

Mid January 2001



Season 8: Episode 18

8x16 Vienen

Mulder and Doggett are asked to investigate several deaths aboard an oil rig, but Mulder is convinced the rig is carrying an alien black oil; meanwhile a heavily pregnant Scully attempts to protect Mulder in absentia.

No internal dates provided

Scully is still at work

Mulder is fired from the FBI

Late January 2001


Season 8: Episode 19

8x19 Alone

With Scully on maternity leave, Doggett is paired with an enthusiastic young agent named Leyla Harrison who knows everything about the X-Files, and her apotheosis of Mulder and Scully leads to him learning a thing or two. But when Harrison and Doggett disappear, Mulder defies orders in an attempt to find them.


First appearance of Leyla Harrison.

Scully takes maternity leave

Mulder is unemployed

Early February 2001


Season 8: Episode 20

8x20 Essence

Mulder, Skinner and Doggett come up against the horrible consequences of the Syndicate's pact with the aliens, as a hybrid attempts to erase all evidence of the tests – including Scully's soon-to-be-born baby. The men call on Reyes, and – reluctantly – Alex Krycek to help them.

Scully is near her delivery date

Mid-February 2001


Season 8: Episode 21

8x21 Existence

Mulder, Doggett and Skinner face off with the alien replicants as they desperately try to expose the conspiracy within the FBI. Meanwhile Scully goes into labor in a remote location, but Reyes soon learns they may be no safer there.

Scully's son William is born.

Mid-February 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x1 Pilot

While The Lone Gunmen are thwarted in their attempt to steal a computer chip by Yves Adele Harlow, John Fitzgerald Byers receives news of his father's death and the trio soon find themselves unraveling a government conspiracy concerning an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft into the Twin Towers, with increased arms sales for the United States as an intended result.


Late February or early March 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x2 Bond, Jimmy Bond

While searching for the killer of an infamous hacker, the three Lone Gunmen find a fourth member when they stumble upon a practice of a football team for the blind.

"Last week's" issue of Lone Gunmen is dated March 8, 2001.



The Lone Gunmen

1x3 Eine Kleine Frohike

With help from Yves, Melvin Frohike attempts to convince a woman suspected of being a Nazi war criminal that he is her long-lost son—and survive to talk about it.


Mid March 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x4 Like Water for Octane

While searching for a water-powered car, the Gunmen encounter missile silos, rude government clerks, and cows.


Mid March 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x5 Three Men and a Smoking Diaper

The Lone Gunmen turn into babysitters while working to expose the truth behind a murder linked to a Senator seeking re-election.


Late March 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x6 Madam, I'm Adam

A man contacts The Lone Gunmen, believing his life has been stolen after being abducted by aliens. They end up getting caught in a love triangle involving a one-eyed stereo salesman, brainwashing, and a wrestling dwarf.


Early April 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x7 Planet of the Frohikes

The Lone Gunmen receive an email from an ingenious chimp, a self-named Simon White-Thatch Potentloins, attempting to escape a government laboratory.


Mid April 2001



The Lone Gunmen

1x8 Maximum Byers

At the behest of a man's mother, Byers and Jimmy Bond pose as prisoners on Death Row in a Texas penitentiary to prove the man's innocence.


Mid April 2001



The Lone Gunmen

1x9 Diagnosis Jimmy

While recovering in a hospital, Jimmy begins to suspect that his doctor is a wanted killer. Meanwhile, the Gunmen attempt to stop a man who kills grizzly bears to sell their gallbladders.


Late April 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x10 Tango de los Pistoleros

Yves and Frohike go undercover as tango dancers to stop a man from selling government secrets.


Early May


The Lone Gunmen

1x11 The Lying Game

While investigating the death of Byers' college roommate, The Lone Gunmen find evidence implicating FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

5/17/01 date revealed on email

May 17-20, 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x12 The Cap'n Toby Show

The Lone Gunmen try to solve the murders of two FBI agents who were working undercover on Richard Langly's favorite TV show.

May dates revealed on receipt

Late May 2001


The Lone Gunmen

1x13 All About Yves

The Lone Gunmen team up with Man in Black agent Morris Fletcher to find Yves. What they uncover is Romeo-61, a secret government organization responsible for decades of major incidents.

Final episode of The Lone Gunmen series. Morris Fletcher reappears.

Computer date reveals 5/14/01 date, but this must be looked into.

Late May 2001



Episode Theme Codes


A: Artificial Intelligence, technology and machines gone bad

B: Bugs, creepy-crawlers and parasitic pests

C: Cults, tribal practices and bizarre religious rites

D: Drama

E: Evil experiments and other scientific blunders

F: Fantasy, Philosophic theory, and Time paradoxes

G: Government conspiracies (unrelated to the mythology)

H: Humor

K: Killers (serial & spree), psychopaths; the human monster

L: Local legends: Bigfoot, lake monsters, goblins

M: Monsters, mutants and malformed menaces

N: Nightmares, Dreams and Visions

O: Occultism, devil worship, demons and dark forces.

P: Psychic manifestations (telepathy, telekinesis, etc.,)

R: Reincarnation, transmigration and other pagan beliefs

S: Spirits, ghosts and apparitions

U: UFO's (unrelated to the mythology)

V: Viruses, bacteria and other nasty microbial matter

W: Werewolves, vampires and zombies

X: The Alien/Conspiracy main plot thread of the mythology

?: Unknown




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