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The Blessing Way (part 2)

With the Cigarette-Smoking Man pursuing the secret files that prove the existence of alien visitation and experimentationand Mulder still missing Scully finds her own life and career in jeopardy.  The Consortium (the Shadow Conspiracy) emerges.  Scully discovers that a computer chip has been implanted in her neck and has it removed.  First appearance of the Well-Manicured Man.  Melissa Scully is shot (possibly by Krycek).


Paper Clip (part 3)

Mulder and Scully seek evidence of alien experimentation by Nazi war criminals while Skinner tries to bargain with the Cigarette-Smoking Man for their lives.  Melissa Scully dies.  The First Elder appears (Brando-guy).



Mulder and Scully investigate a series of deaths related to a teenage boy who can control lightning.  (Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black guest star).


Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

Mulder and Scully enlist the help of a man who can see when people will die while searching for a serial killer who preys upon fortune-tellers.  (Peter Boyle guest stars)


The List

A death row inmate makes good on his promise to return from the dead and kill five people who wronged him.



Mulder and Scully track a serial killer who preys on lonely, overweight women via the Internet.


The Walk

A suicide attempt and subsequent murders at a military hospital bring Mulder and Scully into contact with a quadruple amputee veteran who may have the power of astral projection.



The abduction of a young girl prompts Mulder to seek the help of a woman kidnapped by the same man years earlier and who has the ability to feel what the victim feels.


Nisei (part 1)

Video of an alien autopsy puts Mulder and Scully on the trail of a conspiracy involving Japanese scientists that may shed light on Scully's abduction.  Scully meets other women who were victims of alien abduction and who are all dying of cancer.  First appearance of Agent Pendrell and the Red Haired Man.



Mulder is caught on board a speeding train with what might be alien cargo and a government killer while Scully seeks her own solution to the conspiracy. 



Mulder and Scully seek to protect a young boy who displays wounds of religious significance from a killer, causing Scully to question her own faith while being cast in the role of the boy's protector.


War of the Coprophages

A number of deaths seemingly linked to cockroaches cause widespread panic in a small town.



Two high school girls born on the same day are involved in a series of deaths thanks to an odd alignment of the planets that cause strange behavior in all the townspeople, including Mulder and Scully.



A serial killer maintains an evil spirit was responsible for his actions, as Mulder's own sanity comes into question when the murders persist.


Piper Maru (part 1)

A French salvage ship finds mysterious wreckage from World War II that unleashes a strange force causing radiation sickness and leading Mulder into a web of intrigue.


Apocrypha (part 2)

Mulder pursues Krycek and the mystery of the sunken World War II wreckage, while the shooting of Skinner brings Scully new clues to her sister's murder.



Mulder and Scully investigate a man possessing the power to bend people to his will and who engages Mulder in a scary battle of wits.  1st appearance of Robert 'Pusher' Modell.


Teso Dos Bichos

The unearthing of an ancient Ecuadorian artifact results in a series of deaths potentially linked to a shaman spirit.


Hell Money

The deaths of several Chinese immigrants missing internal organs leads Mulder and Scully to a mysterious game with potentially fatal consequences.


Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"

A novelist interviews Scully about a rumored UFO abduction of two teenagers that seems open to a number of different interpretations.  (Charles Nelson Reilly, Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Alex Trebek guest star).



In the midst of a marital breakup Skinner becomes a murder suspect, while a clue to the case may lie in the form of a strange woman who appears to him in a dream.



Mulder and Scully investigate a series of deaths that may be linked to a lake monster known by the locals as Big Blue.



Mulder and Scully discover a conspiracy involving mind control through television signals that's responsible for a series of murders in a small town and begins causing Scully herself to behave strangely.


Talitha Cumi

Mulder and Scully search for a mysterious man with the power to heal whose existence risks exposing a conspiracy involving the presence of aliens on Earth, while various forces seek a strange weapon that comes into Mulder's possession.


The X-Files Game

While investigating a smuggling operation, Mulder and Scully go missing, and FBI agent Craig Wilmore is assigned to locate them and help solve the case.  But more may be involved when Wilmore is given a strange weapon by a shadowy agent and discovers the presence of a mysterious black oil.





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