Art and Imagery from 201 Days of the X-Files

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The Beginning

A vicious creature, possibly of extraterrestrial origin, is cutting a murderous swath through the American Southwest.  With Syndicate infiltrators in control of the X-Files, Mulder and Scully must find it on their own, and determine its place in the alien conspiracy.


A carjacking and subsequent highway chase have an inexplicably deadly ending: an innocent victim's head explodes. Disobeying FBI orders, Mulder investigates and becomes a high-speed hostage himself.


Hauled onto a World War II era ocean liner trapped in the Bermuda Triangle, Mulder must get his bearings, fight off Nazi raiders, ensure that democracy survives in the twentieth century, and save the life of his paramour Scully.  Or is it all a dream?

Dreamland I

After a close encounter near Area 51, Mulder becomes trapped in the body of another man who, unbeknownst to Scully, assumes her partner's identity.  1st appearance of Morris Fletcher.

Dreamland II

While Mulder learns how he's switched bodies with Morris Fletcher, Scully discovers the true identity of her "partner."  But this knowledge leads only to an unsolvable and tragic dilemma.

Terms of Endearment

In a "normal" middle-class community, a mother is accused of murdering her late-term fetus.  Mulder, however, suspects an even more shocking crime.

The Rain King

In rural Kansas, thousands of drought-stricken citizens are being forced to enrich the town drunk who seems able, through mystical means, to control the weather.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully are trapped in a house haunted by its murder-filled history, and encounter the mansion's original owners, a misfit husband and wife team.


Separated from Mulder and teamed with another FBI agent, Scully pursues a crime photographer with an uncanny ability to predict death or, perhaps, cause it.

S.R. 819

An unknown, deadly microorganism connected to a shady U.S. government trade deal is found replicating in Walter Skinner's bloodstream.  In just a few precious hours, Mulder and Scully must identify the bioagent, discover its propagators, and save their friend and former supervisor.

Two Fathers

As a prelude to the colonization of Earth, Syndicate scientists successfully create a human-alien hybrid.  The slave-race prototype is abductee Cassandra Spender, who reveals many secret conspiracies and connections to Mulder and Scully who are plunged into a climactic battle for global domination.

One Son

Cassandra Spender outlines the real connections between the Syndicate, the warring alien factions, a half century of sinister experiments, and the abductions of Scully and Samantha Mulder.  Using her information, the agents reach the end of their long quest and confront a worldwide apocalypse.


Residents of an upscale, uptight suburb are disappearing without a trace.  Mulder and Scully go undercover as a "typical" married couple to investigate.

Agua Mala

A deadly creature is slithering through the water system of a seaside town.  Mulder and Scully are called down to investigate and arrive in the midst of a killer hurricane.


Trapped in an endless time loop, Mulder and Scully are fated to live the same day the day that they die over and over again.


A wolflike creature from China long thought extinct is cutting a murderous path through California.  Aided by an animal behavior expert with suspicious motives, Mulder and Scully must somehow track it down.


A violent prisoner gains the ability to walk through walls, unleashing a series of horrifying murders as he searches for what is his own.


A struggling young writer, obsessed with Scully, seemingly has the power to make his grisliest fantasies come true.

Three of a Kind

On a fishing trip to a convention in Las Vegas, the Lone Gunmen find murderers, shadow government conspirators and a long lost love.

The Unnatural

A rabid baseball fan, Fox Mulder makes a startling discovery: Something alien has infiltrated his beloved national pastime.

Field Trip

After being exposed to a bizarre hallucinogenic, Mulder and Scully are trapped inside a subterranean cave and the dark recesses of their own minds.


An extraterrestrial artifact may hold the key to the origins of life on Earth.  Mulder must unravels its mysteries before it destroys him.


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